Mosaic Interactive Rebrands as Mosaic on May the Fourth (Be With You)

Playing on the famous Star Wars line “May the force be with you,” Lehigh Valley based integrated marketing agency Mosaic Interactive has rebranded as Mosaic officially as of May 4th, 2014.  Just as one would expect, a launch on May the 4th wouldn’t be the same without beloved Star Wars references.  A teaser campaign, in the form of an interactive game answering the question “what side are you on?” created a buzz in the community.  Posters, postcards, email blasts and social media drove traffic to the game on the website, interacting with guests and taking them through a series of questions, ultimately getting them  to a ‘Star Wars’ profile, of good or evil.

The rebrand, including a refreshed logo, redesigned website, and overhauled approach to integrated marketing, reflects the growth and evolution seen by Mosaic since its inception in 2006. In addition to the agency’s growth in size, Mosaic has also expanded in expertise –bringing more talented team members to the helm, as well as expanded service offerings for clients.

The team at Mosaic approached the rebrand in the same way as it would any client looking to undertake such a project.  The marketers and developers embarked on many discussions about brand equity, brand purpose and the right messaging.

The redesigned logo is simple yet inspired. It shares similar traits with the former logo, but the new design speaks to Mosaic’s evolution and forward movement in the advertising industry. The website has been fully redesigned as well, bringing Mosaic’s capabilities to the forefront. Overall, the rebrand aligns Mosaic’s outward image with its internal purpose: to champion brands and channel marketing.

Mosaic Interactive was founded as primarily an interactive and digital agency in 2006. Since then, Mosaic has expanded into a full-service marketing agency offering branding services, website design and development, mobile development, design, internet marketing, traditional marketing, and public relations.

“The passion, energy, time and selfless dedication that has gone into the rebrand has been amazing and a true testament to our team”, says Mosaic president Matthew McKernan. “I am looking forward to presenting our expanded brand and expertise to our current and potential clients. Be sure to check out our new space in the advertising galaxy, and May the Fourth always be with you”.