The Results of Our May the 4th Alignment Quiz

The results are in…and the forces of the Lehigh Valley are mostly good, but with a touch of the dark side. Thanks to all who supported our rebrand — we’ve joined forces and simply become Mosaic.

The rebrand, including a refreshed logo, redesigned website, and overhauled approach to integrated marketing, reflects the growth and evolution seen by Mosaic since its inception in 2006. In addition to the agency’s growth in size, Mosaic has also expanded in expertise –bringing more talented team members to the helm, as well as expanded service offerings for clients.

The team at Mosaic approached the rebrand in the same way as it would any client looking to undertake such a project.  The marketers and developers embarked on many discussions about brand equity, brand purpose and the right messaging.

“The passion, energy, time and selfless dedication that has gone into the rebrand has been amazing and a true testament to our team”, says Mosaic president Matthew McKernan. “I am looking forward to presenting our expanded brand and expertise to our current and potential clients. Be sure to check out our new space in the advertising galaxy, and May the Fourth always be with you”.

We look forward to joining forces with you on your next marketing endeavor.


To see the logic we developed to determine your level of light and darkness, CLICK HERE. If you haven’t determined whether you are good or evil, you can visit the game at