New website for Jaindl Companies

As a national leader in turkey production and a local leader in land development and farming, Jaindl needed a website that displayed the same excellence already associated with the Jaindl brand. Mosaic worked with Jaindl to fully redesign their existing website with improved functionality and a refined yet earthy look.

To redesign the Jaindl website, Mosaic significantly restructured the content, organizing it into sections based on Jaindl’s three main business units: turkey growing & processing, real estate, and farming. From there, Mosaic added new features, including the ability for customers to purchase turkeys online and a property management system that allows Jaindl to categorize and display their various properties and land development projects.

Mosaic also worked with Jaindl to emphasize the company’s long history as a family owned and operated business. The new messaging is focused and warm and pays a special attention to Jaindl’s numerous contributions to their surrounding community.

Visit the website at:

Mosaic looks forward to partnering with Jaindl in future advertising endeavors, including an SEO campaign set to begin in January, 2015.