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Brand Development & Management

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Define or redefine who you are. Make a statement with your brand.

Brand building. Brand management. Your brand sets the tone for everything you do with your business. It connects your products or services to your customers. It's what makes you stand out from the crowd. It's how your customers know you. It's so much more than a logo or a tagline: it's a promise about who you are and what you stand for. Your brand is reinforced every time anyone comes in contact with you or any facet of your business.

Branding is about creating experiences and perceptions which build loyalty and trust with your target audiences.Branding is about creating experiences and perceptions which build loyalty and trust with your target audiences. Customers tend to go back to a particular brand when they've had a positive experience and are more likely to engage with another person or company they trust. You build  trust for your brand when you consistently deliver what has been promised.

Mosaic Interactive gets branding. Whether you need help to define, refresh or completely revamp your brand, we're here to help you. We'll help you every step of the way — from developing your look-and-feel to implementing marketing strategies which bring repeated customers to your door.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy for your business's message to be overlooked. Mosaic Interactive's team of marketing experts will put together the right pieces for your brand to stand out. By definition a brand is the identity of a specific product, service or business — but it goes way beyond the traditional logos, signs, slogans and marketing collateral.

It's how you connect with potential customers, evoke emotions and how you make an everlasting impression. The main objectives of branding your business are to increase awareness, create a sense of "must have this products or service," build loyalty, trust and ultimately, drive results. That's why brand identity should be the first and most important step in your marketing game plan.

A brand is the first glimpse a consumer has of your business and its place in the market. Mosaic Interactive will work with you in creating or refreshing your brand’s look, feel and messaging. We want to embrace your brand and understand what makes it unique. Branding services include:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Branding Strategy and Message Development
  • Logo Design and Style Guide for Logo Usage
  • Copywriting
  • Complete Development of Marketing Collateral
  • Translation (Spanish, French)

Print Design

Designing for traditional and interactive mediums is our specialty. Driving results for your company is our passion.

The days of only having printed materials for your company are long gone. Traditional and interactive marketing now go hand-in-hand – expanding your reach and maximizing your results. Mosaic Interactive brings you extensive experience in traditional and interactive marketing, blending the best of both worlds. Our rich history, combined with the latest technology, allows our team to design innovative and engaging print material. Mosaic Interactive's "listen, educate and execute" approach enables our design team to produce creative that surpasses client expectations, and defines your brand in a whole new light.

Our talented team of designers and copywriters will work with you hand-in-hand throughout each process. Mosaic Interactive's print design services include:

•    Branding & Identity
•    Advertising Communications (Ads, Advertorials, Op-Eds, etc.)
•    Messaging
•    Out of Home Advertising (Billboards, Bus Shelters, Signage, etc. )
•    Marketing Collateral (Newsletters, Stationery, Presentation Templates)
•    Brochures & Publications
•    Environmental Graphics
•    Package Design
•    Exhibits

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